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Texas Trigger Point Therapy

Lubbock Texas’ premier deep tissue and corrective massage therapy practice. All sessions are customized to address client's specific goals.

Trigger Point Therapy is a more focused approach to soft tissue work.  This type of session is for clients who are experiencing a specific pain pattern or a specific mobility problem.  Trigger Points are a localized micro spasm within a given muscle, and they frequently refer pain to different locations in the body.  The goal of this type of session is to relax these spasms restoring range of motion and ending pain. 

TPs are frequently ignored as possible causes of chronic or acute pain by primary care providers because they do not shows up on basic imaging.  Thankfully they can be found relatively easily with you moving around and me poking.  Once we know which areas need to be worked on the session is focused on ending your pain.  It is this focus that differentiates this type of session from what you may have experienced in the past. 

There are limitations to what trigger point therapy can accomplish.  If your pain was caused to by a specific cause (woke up with crick in neck after sleeping on couch) then it is likely once the muscle relaxes it will not return again.  If your pain is due to overuse or postural distortion then massage is likely to only be part of a complete pain relief strategy, and clients frequently some see me on a maintenance basis.

Occasionally I have clients who get rid of their chronic pain completely, but they are the ones who are extremely motivated to fix their postural problems through some form of directed exercise.  I can offer some basic tips and tricks past clients have found helpful for managing their pain, but if you are interested in pursuing complete cessation of pain we will need to find either a physical therapist or a trainer to help you with the movement component.  

I love to work with people who are interested in fixing themselves so I go out of my way to help people who are motivated and interested in this particular path.  I am not a doctor! If you have experienced some kind of fall or wreck go get yourself checked out and rule out all the big bad scary stuff!  I can help manage your muscular pain but I can’t fix a broken leg or a blown knee.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions about TPs or this type of session.